Xianyou Lai

ISNI: Jimmy Lai
Lives in Shenzhen now, born in Guangdong Province, China in 1985, graduated from Shantou University, further studying at the Painting Department of Tsinghua UniversityExhibition. Exhibtion: 2023 "Spring Tide" contemporary art group exhibition 2023 "Beautiful Bay Area" - National Exhibition of Chinese painting, oil painting and animation works 2022 "South Leave • Leave" 12 people's exhibition 2022 The first comprehensive material art exhibition in Sichuan Province 2021 The first Guangzhou International Watercolor Art Exhibition 2020 "The Yellow River Under Heaven" - One hundred Chinese oil painters theme exhibition 2020 Shenzhen Painter's Boundary Tablet (Excellence Award) 2020 Datang Li Township Art Exhibition (Guangdong Artists Association) 2020 Rural Revitalization • Good Life art works Invitation Exhibition 2019 The 7th World Military Games National Art Exhibition (China Artists Association) 2019 "Footprints" to celebrate the 60th anniversary, the founding of Maoming City- Fanghua Art Calligraphy Exhibition (Excellence Award) 2019 The second Oil Painting Academic Invitation Exhibition of Maoming Oil Painting Society 2018 "South • Echo" contemporary oil painting exhibition 2018 The 4th Zhongshan Contemporary Oil Painting Art Exhibition (Excellence Award) 2018 Landscape sketch & artwork-creation research exhibition at the Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts 2018 "Viewing and Expression" Contemporary oil painting landscape exhibition 2017 "Wait and See" Season 3 Still Life Exhibition 2017 "Humanistic Lijiang" China young and middle-aged painting exhibition
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