Ava is a Hong Kong based Painter/Installation Artist/Designer of owned design brand Rotten Age. She creates artworks with multi mediums and believes art shall not be restricted by form or material. Her inspiration is the power of imagination and also observations to humankind and society. The world we live in has so many values and aspects, all depends on our own point of view. Her solo exhibition in Central in 2022. the theme was “Monster in You” To encourage people to look into themselves and see darkness in them. Never deny the darker side of yourself, acknowledge it, understand it, embrace it. Ultimately, the full understanding of yourself can empower you. She had a collaboration with local brewery with her art. Creating a whole new flavour of mead drink and designed the bottles with her art piece “Pomegranate Series”. The beverages are vending in many restaurants and bars as well as supermarket. She also took part of the interview of MingPao about the collaboration between art and beverage production. Other than that. She also created art pieces for local skin care shop in Central. The pieces are inspired by the hormonal changes and ageing in human life cycles. She had also taken part of Affordable Art Fair HK 2023, a few of her artworks were displayed in exhibition hall. Her latest collaboration is a stool design with G.O.D. (Goods of Desire) in 6 D’Aguilar Street Central, Hong Kong. There is an upcoming solo exhibition with more of her new art pieces during 14 August to 14 September 2033 in Minihotel in Central.
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