Hermann Siu

Happiness, positivity and festivity has always been the fundamental artistic driver to Hermann’s creative artwork, with the creative principal of fostering un-forgetting memories between friends and family. His latest collection “Ducks and Duckies” fully embodies the aforementioned qualities and takes his adorable ducks around the globe, celebrating a place’s cultural identity, architectural designs and local festivities. Hermann is a huge proponent of merging everyday experiences, architectural designs and childhood memories and creatively translating them into artistic works that inspires a differentiated perspective into a fantasied reality. This mixed reality will encourage his audience to reimagine their memories as if they were floating in time where the past is synchronised with the present. At Hermann’s young age, he has been deeply mesmerised by powerful cinematography designs and innovative visualisation techniques that uniquely reinforce an emotional narrative and storyline of our daily lives. Within his architectural education, his rich knowledge in creative brainstorming, spatial awareness and three-dimensional modelling are also core competencies inspiring the craftsmanship of his digital work. Through energetic compositions, rich color palettes, three-dimensional details, dynamic camera motion and lighting designs, Hermann attempts to break the traditional language of artistic works and introduce a new dimension of experiential art that is more emotional, memorable and interactive. This exhibition hopes to cherish Hermann’s passion in technological and high-tech creative works through offering a breathtaking explosion of colors, tone and shades in the artworks, enriching the experience for the audience like never before. By Infusing each static art piece with stupendous effects of dynamism will also reveal the neglected atmospheric details of the built environment as well as the unique personalities of the fantasied cartoons. This will foster a family-friendly and interactive activity designed to pull our memories and relationships closer than ever. The incorporated cartoon characters are also shared valuable memories where their nostalgia power will hopefully yearn happiness and laughters to all generations. Therefore, every exhibited artwork is a celebratory piece and a tasteful artistic addition to commemorate each and everyone of our childhood.
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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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