Alvin Chan

I'm Alvin Chan, a lifelong lover of art, design, drawing, and photography. My journey into the world of visual expression started during my secondary school years, where I honed my skills in art and design with the resources available to me. Despite not having the means to own a camera, my fascination with photography led me to explore the medium through film development, graciously provided by my school. The turning point came when I could finally afford my own camera, which rekindled my passion for photography. Realizing the need for a deeper understanding of this art form, I pursued formal training at the Open University of Hong Kong. My path took a detour as I spent several years searching for my photographic niche. However, last year marked a significant shift as I revived my dedication to photography. Throughout these years, I've learned that the key isn't just pondering what to shoot but continually capturing images. Over time, I've discovered a growing inclination towards street photography, cityscapes, urban art, and their interconnectedness with people. Photography, I've come to understand, is a continuous and lifelong journey. Achieving one's goals in this is a process of constant growth and discovery. You're invited to join me on this photographic voyage and explore my evolving portfolio.
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Hong Kong, Hong Kong