London Pin-Yen Chow

Born Taiwanese American, London has always been a bright and energetic child with an interest in self-expression. From the early age of 2 and a half, she began practicing her art interests in earnest. Growing up in the exciting and ever-changing cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong, London also sought to enrich herself with many expressive activities such as ballet, and drama. As a young girl with a lot of emotion, she uses her art to express her inner self, projecting it through her personal use of colours, mediums, and explorations. She is very brave with her use of colours, using bright vivid hues to create unexpected works of story and wonder. With a fashion designer for a mother and an architect for a father, she was able to find many outlets of creativity with the support of her parents. Her love for expression recently earned her two silver awards in a prominent local competition.
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Hong Kong, Hong Kong