Having worked in the design industry for a decade, I consider myself blessed to have had the opportunity to work with reputable companies and individuals who allowed me to implement my motto, which includes fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration. As an Art Director for City Magazine and Grey Advertising, I was tasked with producing original work with a fresh perspective. My divergent thinking has helped shape who I am today. My enthusiasm for movies led me to the film industry, where I had the honor of working with reputable film directors. Even today, I am still reaping the benefits of those experiences. A decade ago, I rediscovered my passion for art projects with different hotels, and I picked up my paintbrush once again. I consider myself a super adult, with ideas still bubbling in my head. With more free time now, I am excited to pursue my dreams and immerse myself in this inspiring arty world. I simply enjoy the moment of creation This is my motto • Fluency (流暢快捷) - Fast & quick but with accuracy, • Flexibility (靈活性) - The quality of bending easily without breaking • Originality (獨創性) - Being novel or unusual • Elaboration (演譯制作)- The process of developing or presenting a concept
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