Poon Kwing Wing, Water

Kwing Wing Poon is an artist, photographer, designer, and film director. He graduated in Graphic Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic College. In 1969, he started work as a graphic designer with Shaw Brothers (HK) Ltd. In the 1980s Poon traveled extensively between mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. He saw the Silk Road and the Yellow River. Later he held several photography exhibitions about these trips. During this decade, Poon became the first artist ever to exhibit photographs of Taiwan in Beijing and also the first-ever to exhibit photographs of Beijing in Taiwan. He has worked as a photo-journalist for various newspapers and magazines, including Express Post, Singtao Daily, Hong Kong Economic Journal in Hong Kong, Singtao Daily (Canada), Global Views Monthly (Taiwan) and Metro Daily (Hong Kong). He has published many photograph albums, art books, and travel notes and has exhibited his works internationally. He currently lives in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Vancouver and still works on art and design projects especially those supporting the creative sectors and children’s charities.
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