Born in Hong Kong, Rainbow is a local artist who specialises in painting cityscapes and landscapes. She believes that many places and feelings are worthy of a story to tell, her artworks based on this concept, are developed into a unique style known for presenting lights, shadows, and colours. Expressing certain moods and atmospheres, she hopes to bring these stories to life and for the audience to experience the scene and evoke memories of their own to relate. She has extensive experience and exposure both local and internationally in the field of art. As an artist, Rainbow believes that the core of creating is in its expression and purpose. She does not limit herself to only painting and traditional arts, but is currently on her path of exploring digital mediums such as animation, film and digital illustration. She hopes to continue on this journey of creating works is raw and emotionally resonating, that ultimately brings hope and beauty to those she reaches. More of her works can be seen at www.rainbw.art or www.instagram.com/rainb.w
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A Familiar Place #5
Victoria Harbour