An experimental artist embedding all kinds of defunct technologies (physical objects) as part of the mix-media application - blending them into an art form to illustrate a piece of history. DC was the Canadian Tamiya National Champion for 1/10 Nitro RC Racing and owns a hobby store called BoyToys which promotes technology and engineering profession and hence the slogan is "Today's Hobby Makes Future Engineers" In the old times, this store is dedicated to creating interests in science and technologies. It was a museum of sorts, but it was more than that. It was a place where people could come and see the ways in which technology had changed over the years. This is increasingly hard and in this world of sustainability driven commerce, we will see many older technologies being neglected. One day, this type of curation in this art form does showcase a technology that is no longer in use and constantly remind us about the environment and our resources. By putting up a display of old electronics and art together.
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Mississauga, Canada
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