Theresa Ting

土生土長於香港的Theresa Ting, 從事廣告市場推廣行業超過20年,主要客戶均是外國及跨國公司,並擁有自己的公司。 在事業成功的同時,她一度迷失自己並抑鬱,本來由一個十分抗拒任何有關靈性成長課程的她,最後踏上了心靈探索的旅程,並有幸遇上曼佗羅的啓蒙老師Shanti Tozzi,期間除了以曼佗羅繪畫作靜心和靈性修養外,於2014年親赴意大利3星期學習並隨師一年周遊列國協助課程及研修,成為Shanti Tozzi老師在東南亞首位華人曼陀羅靜心老師,亦多次透過曼佗羅靜心經歴多次神秘體驗 。在全情投入靈修生活之同時,並在香港、台灣及中國教授如何運用曼佗羅作為心靈提昇及探索生命的工具、觀照和平衡自己的情緒反應。 醉心於向自己內尋及喜歡美術的Theresa,也現再度重返校園修讀心理學,並特別醉心研究完型治療,希望結合傳統及當代心理學和曼陀羅繪畫服務更多群眾。 Born in Hong Kong, Theresa Ting has been in advertising and marketing for over 20 years. The main clients are foreign and multinational companies, and she owns her own company. At the same time as when her career was successful, she was lost and depressed. She was initially a person who was very resistant to any personal and spiritual growth courses and finally embarked on a journey of spiritual exploration after depression. She was fortunate to meet Mandala mentor Shanti Tozzi. In addition to painting meditation and spiritual practice, she went to Italy to study for three weeks in 2014 and traveled around the world with her teacher for a year to learn mandala painting. She became the first Chinese mandala meditation teacher in Southeast Asia, recognized by Ms. Shanti Tozzi. While entirely devoted to spiritual life after encountering some mystical experiences, she teaches in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China how to use Mandala as a spiritual practice, explore one's life, and observe and balance one's emotional responses. Theresa, obsessed with looking within herself and fond of art and atheism, is now returning to school to study psychology. She is particularly fascinated by Gestalt group therapy for past traumas and unfinished business that could influence one's life unconsciously. In the future, she will combine traditional and contemporary psychology techniques with her mandala painting and courses to serve more people.
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Theresa Ting
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Theresa Ting