Skipper Chun 秦爾涵

Skipper Chun, originally from Hong Kong, pursued her education in art and design in Manchester, England. She holds a Master's Degree in Design Management from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and has extensive experience as a Design Director for a multinational company. In 2020, Skipper made the decision to leverage her design expertise to create innovative ink art paintings. Her talent was recognized in 2022 when she won the 2nd prize in the "country and urban" category of an online painting competition, which led to a virtual solo exhibition. Continuing her success, Skipper achieved the Gold prize in the "Art in Ink" Awards - Abstract open Category presented by UOB bank in 2023. 香港土生土長,擁有香港理工大學設計管理碩士學位。曾在英國曼徹斯特學習藝術與設計。在跨國公司擔任服裝設計總監。 自 2020 年起、 將設計專長與對新水墨藝術的見解結合。2022 年,在以 "都市 "為題的線上繪畫比賽中獲得亞軍並且贏得了首個虛擬個展。 同年間,在「乘風破浪」的比賽中獲得了 "香港十大獨特風格新水墨藝術家 "稱號。2023 年,榮獲大華銀行頒發的水墨大賽抽象公開組金獎。
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