Gem Quias

Gem is a young Filipino artist who is destined to become a famous artist in the future. Her bloodlines run with the blood of two successful artists in their respective mediums. An apprentice to her mother since she was young, she has developed the habit of being keenly observant of what is going on around her. She was always drawn to activities that require creativity, originality, and independence from a young age. She has already been exposed to the world of art, which she sees as an opportunity to experience something new and different. She has been painting for as long as she can remember, and she has always been fascinated by art. She is gradually transforming and blossoming into an artist worthy of her family name now that she has come of age. She is currently in the process of establishing her identity in the field of art. The world is in her hands because she has control over who she wants to be and where she wants to go in the future: to become a famous artist. A good artist feeds her creativity and paints something that moves people's hearts. Anyone can be an artist, but you can tell Gem is a great one by how her work affects others. And that's the most important thing.
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Pura, Philippines