Ayen Quias

Ayen Quias is a self-taught artist who has discovered the power of art within herself. She recognized early on that she possessed the ability to use her hands to create something beautiful and extraordinary. She dabbled in painting for a while before deciding to devote herself to her craft as a serious artist in 2012. She is an artist extraordinaire. Her Cheeks on Fleek collection was shown at the Malaysian Art Expo in 2013 and Arts Apart in Singapore in 2016. “Sopistikada,” one of her works, is currently a collection of New York Modern Art Gallery. Her work has been displayed in Italy, Mexico, and the United States. CNN Philippines and other TV networks recently featured her works. Ayen’s Little Town is the book cover of the first Philippine Museums Yearbook that was launched on October 06, 2022.
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Tarlac, Hong Kong