Josh Tang

Josh Tang is an Art teacher at Colourfulkids studio North point / art teacher at schools : ISF Academy / kindergarten , CAIS, CDNIS , St Paul Co ed, CAPCL ,DSC international school. He is also a Artist , Oil painter and doodling artist. He was raised in England for 20 years, he join the British army force as a riflemen, Fine art degree in Reading University, graduated from Kingston University for graphic design in 2014 During his final year, he had the opportunity to study under Foz Foster, an ex-head of Central Saint Martins. As an artist, he specializes in creating commissioned art pieces, prints, murals, and collaborating with brands that he admires. His recent projects include hoarding at ‘Lee Tung Avenue ’ and art display on the street by his art students for ‘Butterflies of Hope’ exhibition , Animal art exhibition at Paw heroes to raise animal awareness, Art exhibition ‘Animal tribe’ at ‘ The fringe club’. ‘Animal tribe’ art exhibition at ‘Affordable art fair’ 2023. The art collection titled "Animal Tribe" is a body of work that delves into the significance of family, brotherhood, friendship, relationships, and love through the representation of animals in their natural environment. The artist, as they prepare to start a family of their own with a marriage planned for the end of the year and future aspirations of having children, has chosen to express their unique perspective on canvas. The majority of the paintings showcased in this collection present animals in groups, utilizing a metaphorical approach to symbolize the relationships that exist between human beings. Through the use of an animalistic style, the artist successfully captures the essence of these fundamental human experiences. This collection not only highlights the artist's creative vision but also serves as a reminder of the importance of these values within our own lives. As admirers engage with this artwork, they are invited to contemplate the significance of family, brotherhood, friendship, relationships, and love within their own personal journeys. Overall, "Animal Tribe" is a captivating work of art that has the potential to resonate with many individuals and inspire a deeper appreciation for the beauty and complexity of our shared human experience.
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