Gammy Kwok

- Chinese University HK - EMBA, - (CUSCS) Diploma Programme in Chinese Ink Painting - Columnist in health and management, Artist, Content Creator, Brand and product designer, UCOLLEX NFT platform and ARTRACX platform curator - Founder of Design Licensing And Business Project ( DLAB sponsored by Creat -HK) Awards and exhibitions -Merit award in 2023 by The 5th International Abstract Art On-line Exhibition - Apri, 2023 New Ink Art @ Fringe Club exhibition, Central, Hong Kong -2023 International Women Contemporary art exhibition - Existing . Her Power by Art-life foundation - - 2023 iInvited by THE FIRST CHINA CONTEMPORARY WATERCOLOR INVITATION EXHIBITION IN QINGDAO Have participated in: - Hong Kong Shout Gallery art fair (5/2022) - Amaz Gallery art fair (2021) - Affordable Art Fair 2021,2022 Art- pieces - focus on protecting our ocean environment - loving our nature
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Hong Kong, Hong Kong