Tsui Shing On (崔成安)

Tsui Shing On is a renowned portrait master and illustrator, recognized as one of the best in Hong Kong. Born in Gaoyao County, Guangdong Province, China, he immigrated to Hong Kong in 1955, where he studied Western and Traditional Chinese painting at Ling Hai Art School in 1968. Since then, he has dedicated his life to photography and fine arts, working for prestigious organizations such as Ming Pao, Sing Tao Daily, Jade Dynasty, TVB, RTV, CTV, Radio Television Hong Kong, Golden Harvest and Cinema City. Tsui Shing On's artistic talent and passion for painting have been apparent since he was a child. He began his career as an apprentice painter at construction industry, where he painted small signs and billboards for herbal tea shops and theaters. He later joined a publishing company and worked as an illustrator for martial arts novels, where he drew inspiration from the works of Jiang Yunxing, a master illustrator of Jin Yong's novel illustrations. Tsui Shing On's expertise in portrait painting and movie poster design is renowned throughout the industry. He has painted famous movie posters, such as "Mr.Vampire", "Eastern Condors"and "Dragon from Russia", he has also worked as a comic book artist and illustrator for various novels, displaying his versatility as an artist. In 1997, Tsui immigrated to Canada and started teaching painting and drawing while experimenting with many mediums. He was an art teacher for the Vancouver School Board and provided private art lessons in his home studio. He was a consultant for various stage plays and TV programs. In 2003, Mr. Tsui scored a 1st Runner Up award in a competitor’s choice and wood carving division in the Central Fraser Valley's Wood Carving Competition. His winning piece is one of his wood burnings of Bruce Lee. Despite his success, Tsui Shing On remains humble and dedicated to his craft. He continues to inspire and mentor young artists, urging them to develop their skills and pursue their passion for painting. Tsui Shing On's contributions to Hong Kong's art scene have left a lasting impression, earning him the respect and admiration of artists and art enthusiasts worldwide. 崔成安是著名的肖像畫大師和插畫師,被公認為香港最好的人物畫之一。生於中國廣東省高要縣,1955年移居香港,1968年在「嶺海藝專」習西洋畫及國畫糸。為明報、星島日報、玉皇朝、麗的電視 RTV 、佳藝電視CTV、無綫電視TVB、香港電台、嘉禾及新藝城等知名機構服務。 崔成安的藝術天賦和對繪畫的熱情從小就表現出來。他的職業生涯始於三行的學徒畫家,在那裡他為涼茶店和劇院畫小招牌和廣告牌。後進入出版社,擔任武俠小說插畫師,從金庸小說插畫大師姜雲行的作品中汲取靈感。 崔成安在肖像畫和電影海報設計方面的專長在業界享有盛譽。曾畫過《殭屍先生》、《東方禿鷹》、 《紅牆飛龍》 等著名電影海報,亦曾擔任漫畫及多部小說插畫家,展現藝術家的多面性。 1997年移民加拿大,在加國教育局及私人授畫,亦參與電視及話劇等美術工作。2003年以一塊李小龍烙畫參加加國當地舉辦的雕刻比賽,穫烙畫專家組冠軍、全場冠軍及參賽者之選。 儘管取得了成功,崔成安仍然保持謙虛,並致力於他的手藝。他繼續激勵和指導年輕藝術家,敦促他們發展自己的技能並追求對繪畫的熱情。崔成安對香港藝術界的貢獻令人印象深刻,贏得了全球藝術家和藝術愛好者的尊重和欽佩。
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