Ruth Bader Ginsburg

In bringing "Ruth Bader Ginsburg" to life, I found profound inspiration in the extraordinary journey and enduring legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This painting stands as a heartfelt tribute to the subtle, yet resounding impact she had on the advancement of women's rights, and as the pioneering first female federal judge in the United States. I endeavored to encapsulate the essence of her unwavering determination and wisdom through her expression and posture, rendered in muted tones and delicate brushwork, signifying the understated yet unwavering manner in which she pushed the boundaries of gender equality. The solitary gavel, a symbol of her groundbreaking achievements, stands as a testament to her tireless efforts. The interplay of light and shadow serves to convey the profound weight of her legacy. "Ruth Bader Ginsburg" is my artistic homage to her enduring influence, a call to all who encounter it to continue the fight for equality, much as she did throughout her remarkable career.
Painting / Oil on linen
Current Location
Hong Kong
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124cm (W) x 154cm (H)
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Mint condition

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