Save Me No. 1

This 3-piece artwork series delves into the rich tapestry of the human experience, offering a glimpse into the intricate world of tattooed individuals. Their striking tattoos serve as windows to their deeper thoughts and emotions, revealing the inner narrative of their lives. The body, adorned with these intricate designs, becomes a canvas of personal revelation, showcasing the myriad layers of their identity. The juxtaposition of the tattoos' visual impact with the profound meanings they hold encourages viewers to explore the hidden dimensions of masculinity. Each tattoo acts as a chapter in the subject's life, a symbol of their journey, and an exploration of the intricate tapestry of experiences that shape them. The "Save Me" series challenges observers to move beyond the surface and recognize the multifaceted nature of men's identities, reminding us that tattoos are not just ink, but narratives of resilience, vulnerability, and the eternal quest for meaning in the human condition.
Painting / Acrylic on linen
Current Location
Hong Kong
Represented by
98cm (W) x 100cm (H)
Condition Report
Mint condition

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Condition Report Definition Key
The central image area, composition, or focal point; the area inside the margins/plate marks.
Areas bordering the central image, outside the plate marks, or the perimeter area.
The farthest edge of the object.
The reverse/back of the object.
An existing condition which generally does not involve risk of loss.
Noticeable damage, increasing in severity and/or size; should be monitored or corrected by a conservator.
Distinct, recognizable damage; the stability of the work is questionable and risk is a factor. Requires the attention of a conservator.
Advanced and severe damage; work is insecure and at great risk.