Jungle Dream No.3

The captivating triptych, "Jungle Dream," is a vibrant exploration of liberation and self-expression. This artwork boldly delves into the realms of freedom, youth, and the untamed forces of nature. Adorned with bright colours, the composition mirrors the energetic attire of youth culture, symbolising a fearless rebellion against social norms. Playful poses of girls exude freedom, challenging mundane expectations with uninhibited spirit. The artist's mastery of colour serves as a visual language, expressing emotions and capturing the essence of youthful energy. "Jungle Dream" takes inspiration from the concrete jungle, encouraging viewers to embrace a mindset of living freely within their imaginations. Subverting traditional goddess depictions, the triptych celebrates the spirited energy and untamed beauty of youth within a jungle setting, representing a realm free from societal conventions. This vibrant and provocative artwork serves as a visual celebration, urging viewers to break free from expectations and embrace the colourful aspects often overlooked in everyday life. It invites us to immerse ourselves in a world where freedom, youth, and the vivid power of nature converge, creating a striking visual narrative that captivates the senses and challenges conventional perceptions. "Jungle Dream" is a testament to the beauty found in breaking free, a call to embrace the untamed and embrace the vibrant spectrum of human experience.
Painting / Oil on Linen
Current Location
Cindy’s Art Studio in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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1,200cm (W) x 1,700cm (H)
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Mint Condition
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