Retrospective No.3

"Retrospective" is a thought-provoking triptych that delves into the introspective journey of a woman, exploring her self-reflection through the varied perceptions of different men in her life. Each panel features an unspecified man, symbolising distinct stages of her personal growth and evolution. In the first panel, the viewer encounters a past version of the woman, reflected through the lens of a particular man. The second canvas unfolds as a narrative of transformation, with a different man embodying the woman's evolving self. The final panel encapsulates her present, a culmination of self-discovery, resilience, and growth, mirrored through the gaze of yet another man. "Retrospective" not only captures the woman's metamorphosis but also serves as a broader commentary on the intricate dance of self-perception and external influence. The triptych invites viewers to contemplate the nuanced interplay between identity and the varied relationships that shape it. Through visual storytelling, the artwork prompts reflection on the dynamic nature of personal growth and the diverse influences that contribute to the complex tapestry of one's life.
Painting / Oil on Linen
Current Location
Cindy’s Art Studio in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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51cm (W) x 76cm (H)
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Mint Condition
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