Mother No.4

The woman who has given me everything. "Mother" is a moving quadriptych that serves as a heartfelt tribute to a woman of strength, resilience, and boundless love. Each canvas intricately captures the journey of an extraordinary mother who, having left North Korea, painstakingly forged a new life for herself and her family in South Korea. The artist's brush delicately weaves a visual narrative, celebrating the profound sacrifice and unwavering love that define this maternal figure. The panels unveil the transformative journey, mirroring the metamorphosis from struggle to triumph. The artist skillfully portrays the determination and courage of this mother as she navigates the complexities of migration and adaptation.The central panels are a poignant portrayal of the mother, radiating strength and grace. The artist's meticulous attention to detail captures the nuances of her character, revealing the resilience etched into every line of her face. The use of warm and embracing colours symbolises the unconditional love that emanates from her presence.
Painting / Oil on Linen
Current Location
Cindy’s Art Studio in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Represented by
50cm (W) x 40cm (H)

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