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The collection of whimsical ink paintings by Ms T K Chan entitled " World of Love" was inspired by the celebration of Earth Day in Hong Kong. It aspires to portray love, balance, and harmony between Mother Earth, humans and animals. In this collection, we see animals with their families, people of many different nationalities, fishes and birds all showing examples of love in a perfectly harmonious world. The artist hopes to raise awareness of global warming and encourage people to try alternatives to a meat based diet. "愛地球 • 愛動物" 系列,靈感來自於世界地球日, 在這天不同國籍的人們以不同的方式宣傳和實踐環境保護的觀念。陳紫君小姐以珍惜生命愛護地球為目的, 希望藉這系列鼓勵人們多吃蔬果少吃動物,愛食物惜地球, 關注地球暖化 。她的作品有著各種不同的動物家庭和種族的人,甚至有魚類及小鳥一起共融地住在地球。
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Hong Kong
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65cm (W) x 65cm (H)
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80cm (W) x 68cm (H)
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