Kuaizi Etiquette

'Kuaizi Etiquette' is part of the series ‘In A World Of My Own’, which showcases four mixed media paintings with animation and sound through an exclusive mobile app ‘In A World of My Own- Sarah Tse’ (Available for free download on the Apple Store). This series includes ‘What’s the time now, Mr Fox?’, ‘Safari Pyramid’, ‘Kuaizi Etiquette’ and ‘Turkish Tea Set’. The use of AR (augmented reality) allows everyday devices to recognize the paintings and track their position in space. When your device is directed at a painting, it adds visuals and animations on the screen that overlays with the artwork and exhibition space. This builds the illusion that animals and other objects from my paintings are breaking free from their canvas, into a three-dimensional rendering of my hand-drawn landscapes for the audience to explore. This first AR collaboration added a new dimension to my universe, as my static visions are set in motion within mobile screen via the app. The butterfly from ‘Turkish Tea Set’ flies out of the canvas in beat with the cello; the antique toy plane from ‘What’s the time now, Mr Fox’ takes off along with the violin; and as ‘Kuaizi Etiquette’’s chopsticks fall down with a dramatic piano chord, a pair of pigeons carry an all-seeing-eye over the top of the ‘Safari Pyramid’, breathing a clockwork-like life to my enigmatic quartet. My paintings are not only physical windows into my delicate animal world but digital portals into a vast endless land. An artwork only depicts a specific aspect of an artist’s mind, but truly resonates when it gets carried through the infinite bounds of our imagination, pushing towards uncharted discoveries. ‘In A World Of My Own’ is a virtual land tread upon, and an art piece to explore.
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76cm (L) x 76cm (W) x 2cm (H)
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