14 Years in Kowloon City

Tracing the memories of the Decoffs, "14 Years in Kowloon City" is a vivid account of an expat family whom for nearly a decade and a half had called 85-89 Fuk Lo Tsun Road their home. Poring over photographs personally provided by the family and Google Map archives, Alvin reconstructs history with immaculate detail and brings back to life the neighbors, the shops, and the myriad bits and pieces that formed the connective tissues in a tightly knit community. More than the memories of one family and beyond the confines of this Kowloon City block, this piece lovingly captures life in Hong Kong in its essence and the collective memory of a people.
Painting / Watercolor | Limited Reprint
Current Location
Hong Kong
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70cm (W) x 50cm (H)
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