Ink Drop – Pruduence No. 9

NK -- PRUDENCE In a world where greed and deceit predominates, Carroll asks if she can still be herself. How is she to handle herself? At this very moment she feels indignant, angry, helpless and anxious. Using drops of ink, she goes back to her fundamentals to answer her own question. In solitude she is willing to seek and to think. As an individual what does she care most about? She confronts herself nakedly. Then she examines the relationship between herself and others, the material world, and even society. In the process Carroll slowly realises her own limitations, the bias of her perception, and the weakness in her character. She attempts to resolve these contradictions while knowing she cannot escape facing everyday life. She can, however, choose the attitude with which to deal with. As an artist, Carroll tries to let her emotions settle in order to create. She tries her best to process and resolve her feelings during this period of time before putting them into her work. Lotus is considered to have gentlemanly qualities. The poet Zhou Dunyi in the Sung Dynasty wrote in his poem “On the Love for the Lotus”: “I am especially fond of lotus as it grows in mud and yet remains pure.” “Lotus, a gentleman among flowers.”
Painting / Ink and color on,rice paper
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Hong Kong
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40cm (W) x 40cm (H)
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