Ink – Resonance

My work has always had a message and purpose behind it. Whether it was to speak about the current environmental issues, or to raise awareness and educate my audience on a certain issue, I have always had a clear vision for my work. This painting and series though, is very different in approach. Instead of starting the process with a message, I began with a goal: to have a calm mind while creating. With that goal, my mentality and state of mind became the art itself. The background is an ink blot. Although done the same way, each drop is different and unique. Starting the painting with that simple awareness helped me begin my process. Then came the paint strokes. I chose to challenge myself by using the Chinese brush and ink. The precision is very important to the aesthetic of the painting, and only a steady hand and clear mind can handle this task. The repetition of the strokes served as a form of meditation, which helped slow my mind down. My mind became more clear and creative, the strokes became natural and effortless, and the outcome of the final painting was peaceful and empowering.
Painting / Ink and color on rice paper
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Hong Kong
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120cm (W) x 107cm (H)
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