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'Rhinoceros' is part of the 'Feeling Blue' collection. 'Feeling Blue' was a series of mixed media paintings created in different shades of blue and blue-green during my most depressive period yet. Only occasionally warmed by other colours, this series of work depicted my inner feelings and emotions in a cold blue space; The blue sky and sea gave me a sense of freedom, tranquillity, peace yet sometimes solitude and melancholy. Unlike my earlier work, the mood of this collection didn’t diffuse any hint of fairytale and feminism. Between 2017-18, I spent most of my time with animals, which I could deeply connect with. I portrayed solitary animals such as a turtle and a moose, creatures which I saw in myself and perhaps ones that I could simply find a soulmate in amongst the art world that I create. Despite the inner turmoil, 2019 has been my favourite year of all time. I learnt from my past failures and mistakes, transformed my previous breakdowns into blessings and gradually progressed into a more mature, stable stage of personal growth and career. I interpreted my transformation in the language of art, especially in blue tones.
80cm (L) x 50cm (W) x 5cm (H)
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82cm (W) x 52cm (H)
Sarah Tse
Born 1985
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Sarah Tse is a Hong Kong born mixed media artist, she graduated at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London in 2009. Sarah has exhibited in cities such as New York, London,Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, etc. In 2010, Sarah moved to New York to continue her artistic journey, she developed a unique visual language with pencil and watercolour on an unconventional surface of paper and wood. Her fantasy-themed drawings are paradoxes inspired by childhood memories, travels and dreams, producing a fragile, nostalgic, timeless and sometimes disturbing ambience. Through her sketches, Sarah manipulates the meaning and complexity of objects, changing the way the world is interpreted. Objects appear in her works are always contradictive — soft animal skin complement ceramic tea cups, modern buildings are juxtaposed with old telephones, living plants are compared with man-made machines. In 2017, Sarah moved to Shanghai to open her first art cafe 'FOMO', now Sarah shuttles between Hong Kong and Shanghai.
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Sarah Tse
Flat 10C, 35 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
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ARTRACX by Art Group
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