Certificate of Authenticity
In the Woods 霧林
Oil on Canvas
The fox was out foraging in the misty woods, when she heard a human shouting for help. She ran to the edge of the woods to see a man in the water, struggling to stay afloat. The fox jumped into the water and swam to the man, grabbing onto his jacket with her teeth. The man was so surprised and grateful that he didn't even realize that the fox was a creature of the forest. Together, they made their way to the shore, where the man thanked the fox for her help.
60cm (W) x 183cm (H)
Condition Report:
Phillip Hui 許劍豪
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Phillip Hui was born in Hong Kong in 1981. He finished the diploma of Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design London in 2007, and attained a Bachelor in Arts degree from the University of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2011. Phillip uses oil painting and sketching as his main mediums, and takes art elements from classical Eastern and Western Art. He creates his art with allegorical ideas and fictional scenes to express human nature and different encounters in real life. Phillip also tries to explore the relationship and coexistence between people and the environment.
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