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Lotus Leela
Oil on Canvas
Leela was a kind-hearted girl who lived in a forest village. She had a special connection with nature and often decorated the cows' horns with garlands of flowers. One day, she met a group of travelers who had lost their way, and she offered them shelter and food. They were struck by her beauty and kindness, and they knew they had encountered someone special. And so, Leela continued to spread love and beauty throughout the village, inspiring those who knew her and leaving a lasting impression on all who met her.
61cm (W) x 61cm (H)
Weriel Mallari
Tarlac, Philippines
Weriel“wewei” Mallari was born on May 10, 1994 is an uprising artist from province of Tarlac, Philippines . He acquired his talent by his mentor his father who is also a visual artist. And honed it by completing his Bachelors degree in Fine Arts, Majored in Advertising in Tarlac State University. During his college years, he joined and won top awards frome several national painting competitions. Experimenting into contemporay arts,he juxtaposes portaits and insects. Which symbolizes his feelings passion theory and beliefs as well as dreams and fantasy. Using oil on canvas and mixed media of resin and wood for his sculpture. He tends to create more masterpiecest focusing in form of contemporary realism as he aim to be“ heard, his heart to his Art.
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Tarlac, Capas
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