of Authenticity
Vibrant Hong Kong
This painting is depicting the real mesmerizing Hong Kong that is always full of life. Hong Kong, a true global city, accommodates people from all nationalities, race and color, and helps them blend with each other just like the blended colors of this painting.
61cm (W) x 92cm (H)
Condition Report:
Mint Condition
Shweta Rastogi
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Shweta is a renowned Indian artist based in Hong Kong. Her works are inspired by her beliefs in spirituality, emotions and social issues. Being a self-taught learner has helped her expanding creativity and breaks the boundaries of conventional structured learning. Shweta holds a professional degree in Fashion Designing and her fashion designing skills bring a style statement in all her artworks. Since 2014 she is affiliated with various renowned art galleries, and has exhibited her work in several exhibitions across the Asia region. She was credited with the accolade of one of the best 50 Indian young professional artists for a highly prestigious exhibition.
Information Provided By
Shweta Rastogi
14 H, Green Mont Court, Greenvale Village, Discovery Bay
Hong Kong, Hong Kong N A
Hong Kong
Certificate Issued By
ARTRACX by Art Group
9/F Sing Shun Centre
495 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok
Hong Kong
+852 2270 9211