Deep Time Art Gallery

Founded by gallerist Mr.Chen Jiaming and contemporary artist Mr.Fang Zi, it is headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, China. Deep Time Art Gallery is a contemporary art exhibition space with new materials as its main means of creation. It holds thousands of paintings, sculptures, installations and other works of art with new materials. It has a permanent multi-functional exhibition hall, a studio for artist of deep time painting school and amember club. In awe of art, always curious about the future. Deep Time Art Gallery takes the research and development of new art materials as its main goal, as well as the continuous interpretation of materials in artistic creation. Today, one hundred years after the vigorous development of modern art, it still keeps exploring the diversity of artistic materials and integrating them into the self-expression of artistic creators. Deep Time Art Gallery embraces diverse cultures and is always friendly and open to traditional painting, sculpture, performance, installation, arts and crafts, media and other art forms, as well as the application of digital, interactive and artificial intelligence technologies in creation. We welcome all friends who have the same views and expectations to join us in our artistic exploration. In the natural sciences, there are three depths: deep space, deep sea, and deep time. Deep space is the starry sky, the universe, and space as we understand it, and the deep sea is the deepest part of the ocean and sea on Earth. Deep time may be a relatively unknown concept for many people. Let's give you a brief definition of the term "deep time": "deep time" is a geological concept of time, which refers to the "long history of the earth". We understand it as the dimension of time, the rings of the universe, and all the changes our planet undergoes, concepts that can be called "deep time." In the world of art, there is also an allencompassing universe that contains infinite possibilities, which is the source of deep time. Under the leadership of Mr. Chen Jiaming, founder of Deep Time Art Gallery, and Mr. Fang Zi, a contemporary Chinese artist, director of Deep Time Art Gallery, and founder of Deep Time New Material Painting School, we continue to seek higher ways of artistic presentation and constantly challenge the boundaries of visual and spatial art, all in order to explore more possibilities in the integration of art and technology. We hope that through the platform of Deep Time Art Gallery, we will provide an opportunity for more artists and partners with ideas to display their unique talents, hope that their works can bring us more unprecedented surprises, empower the art industry to think deeper and explore the infinite possibilities of the future, and hope to bring inspiration to everyone for a better life. Through a series of innovative YAN Powder painting works by artists of the Deep Time Painting School, we will lead everyone to immerse ourselves in these rich pictures, through the pictures, we may be able to travel to any corner of the earth, any time and space, and even take us through the starry sky of the universe and dive into the deep seabed... We hope that every friend who visits Deep Time Art Gallery can immerse themselves in the world of art, feel the wonderful combination of art and technology, and enjoy the infinite charm brought by art. Let's embark on a deep time journey full of surprises and wonders together!
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Kio Zou
1/F, Unit 29, Country River Park, No.4 Zhihui Road, Chancheng District


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