Wai Wai 慧惠

About the artist Born and raised in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong. Wai Wai is a local illustrator and silhouette artist. She holds a Bachelor degree of Arts (Hons) in Creative Media, with a major in film. In 2016, she studied water-based woodblock printmaking (Mokuhanga) and studied the Etegami (Japanese Folk Art painting) technique in MI-Lab, Lake Kawaguchi, Japan. In 2017, she went to Heilongjiang Province, China, to study folk art "fish skin painting", which was featured in the RTHK TV program "Wind Takers". Wai Wai paints illustrations of local vintage shops to bring people closer in their communities. Drawing people is her favourite subject, and putting their diligence and dedication into drawings is her most satisfaction. "A Love Letter to Yau Ma Tei" is Wai Wai's first published solo album. She made illustrations, shutter painting, mural painting, teaching and hand cut silhouette projects with different parties since 2018, including Hang Seng Bank, New Balance, Eslite Spectrum, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Urban Renewal Authority, Kee Wah Bakery, Diptyque, Ferragamo, Hong Kong Global Geopark, etc. In June 2020, the mural painting done by Wai Wai at 618 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, was shortlisted in the 2020 World Illustration Awards. 慧惠 油麻地土生土長的香港插畫家、藝術家和剪影師。 畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體文學士,主修電影。人物故事是慧惠最愛創作的題材,尤其是默默耕耘、專注工作的大叔最能吸引她的眼球。為了連結人與社區,她探訪了不同的小店,了解他們的工作日常和故事後,利用水性顏料為主要媒介作畫,在二○一六年舉行了有關香港小店的個人畫展。同年四至五月,她參加了日本MI-LAB舉辦的藝術家進駐計劃,學習木刻水印及繪手紙。二○一七年,她參與香港電台電視部《采風》拍攝,探索中國黑龍江民間藝術──魚皮畫,同年亦推出首本個人畫集《給油麻地的情書》,反應熱烈,一年後獲得再版。 近年全力投入插畫、 鐵閘畫、壁畫、教學及剪影工作,曾合作的單位有: 恒生銀行、New Balance、誠品書店、香港話劇團、市區重建局、奇華餅家、Emporio Armani、 Diptyque、Ferragamo、香港聯合國教科文組織世界地質公園 等。 二○二○年六月,慧惠於618上海街的壁畫被選為World Illustration Awards 2020 的入圍作品。
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Wai Wai 慧惠
Hong Kong
Hong Kong


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