Brigitte Mazourine Figueiras

Born and raised in Paris to a Russian father and a French mother, Brigitte was born into an artistic family - her grandfather was a renowned art collector in Moscow. While she never had a formal art education, she began painting at an early age. She moved to Hong Kong in the early 1980s with her Argentinian architect husband and young sons, where she immersed herself in Chinese brush painting, watercolour and live drawing classes. But it was only many decades later, upon meeting South Korean artist Cindy Rhee, that she finally found the mentor she had been looking for and embarked upon a new journey as a painter. She freely explores a variety of styles, media and techniques, and mostly uses acrylic, and her paintings depict a wide range of subjects from still lifes, portraits and collages to contemporary subjects. Her work has been exhibited and sold at various exhibitions including Art On Line, HK AWA (2016 & 2017) and HK Visual Art Centre 2021, with private sales in London and Hong Kong.
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Brigitte Figueiras
Hong Kong
Pok Fu Lam
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Brigitte Mazourine Figueiras
Hong Kong