Stanley Cheung

I am an artist from Hong Kong born in 1960. I graduated from the Design Department of the Hong Kong Polytechnic in1982. Working as an interior designer in between Hong Kong and China for more than 40 years then I started painting again as it is my interest in 2015. Afterwards, I finished my Diploma courses in Traditional Chinese Ink and New Ink Art, then I started my fine art bachelor course in RMIT as well. New Ink Art using Chinese Ink and traditional Chinese rice paper but finished with special techniques and contemporary concepts, has been an unique art style in Asia and as an icon in Hong Kong. I have been exploring New Ink Art for almost ten years and hope to introduce it to the different countries of the world, to show the different possibilities and beauties of a new art form.
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Independent Artist
Stanley Cheung
Room 707, 7/Floor, Block 36, Heng Fa Chuen, Chai Wan, Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong


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