Yenie Leung

Born in HongKong, Yenie Leung discovered her love for music at the tender age of eight. It all started with her learning to play the piano, and this then became the foundation for a remarkable career spanning two decades. After further building her love in music, she gradually developed her interests in other forms of art. Back in 2013, Yenie chanced upon Chinese Ink Painting and was enchanted by the alluring aura of elegance displayed through the work of this technique. Yenie's passion for both music and painting has led her to believe that these two artistic expressions are deeply intertwined. With a sense of familiarity, she embarked on her journey of creativity. Yenie’s artwork is characterised by the use of pale colours, which serve to enhance the elements of lightness and airiness. She hopes to evoke a sense of tranquility in the viewer’s mind with her unique approach. Through her artful creations, Yenie desires to offer a dimensional experience where one can retreat from the ambiguity and distractions of the world. A sanctuary that induces self-discovery, as well as a safe space where the viewer is able to hide from the hustle and bustle of daily life. As she uses a special method of painting, her work tends to have a fabric-like texture, despite it being on paper. Each painstaking stroke adds up to produce a captivating weaving effect, mesmerising the viewer. This style is a testament to Yenie's dedication to her craft and her unwavering commitment in realising her artistic ambitions. Qualifications: 2015 - Graduated in Advanced Diploma Programme in Chinese Ink Painting 2022 - Diploma Programme in New Ink Art Achievements: 2022 - UOB Art in Ink Competition (Abstract Open Category - Gold Award)
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Yenie Leung
Hong Kong


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Yenie leung
Hong Kong