Reprint Edition of "Moving Heritage - " The Tram"": Moving Heritage - The Tram


Street – Chun Yueng Street, North Point

Imagine a bustling narrow street of Hong Kong with people strolling in the middle of street looking for a good bargain in the wet market. And, then just add a tram on the scene which would come on the street and patiently waits for people to give way for it to pass. That’s the Chun Yeung Street!! The street that amazed me with its unique characters and the track was looking like a red carpet for the Ding Ding queen to walk on it.

This street is named after a sugar cane businessman turned real estate developer. During the Second World War, this street attracted a lot of Chinese refugees from Shanghai & Fujian due to the heritage of this businessman. Later in the 80s, many Shanghai style restaurants on this street went on and became some of the most prestigious restaurants in Hong Kong.

In 1950s, the city needed to extend the tramline beyond Causeway Bay due to city expansion, but realized there was not enough space for the tram to turnaround on the main street, King’s Road. So they decided to route the tram to Chun Yeung Street into a busy wet market instead. It is narrow, it is busy but it is so captivating !!

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