Danny Lam

Danny, a Hong Kong-born artist, discovered his passion for drawing at the young age of 10. He began his artistic journey through self-teaching, drawing inspiration from Japanese manga and honing his skills by copying other artists' works. During high school, Danny studied art, and later pursued New Media Design and Visual Art in college. After completing his formal education, Danny embarked on a career as a graphic designer, which he continues to pursue to this day. However, it was 7 years ago when he began creating a unique character that became the embodiment of his thoughts and observations about society. Drawing inspiration from the shortcomings he observed in the world around him, Danny's character serves as a visual expression of his perspective on social issues and the environment. In his artistic practice, Danny employs a diverse range of techniques and mediums, including watercolor, line art, and acrylics. His works are characterized by their vivid colors, intricate details, and thought-provoking concepts. Through his art, Danny seeks to communicate his observations and reflections on society, urging viewers to question and challenge the status quo. Danny's work is a culmination of his artistic skill, personal experiences, and critical thinking. His creations invite viewers to engage in a dialogue about the world we inhabit, raising awareness about social and environmental issues. With his unique perspective and creative approach, Danny continues to push the boundaries of his artistic practice and create thought-provoking work that resonates with viewers on multiple levels.
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