Julieanne Ng

Julieanne Ng was born in Manila (1994). Her art practice mirrors the growing consumer culture of our time. For her it is a never ending cycle that shapes our everyday landscape, creating new spatial realities. Her interest with mundane materials came from her experience growing up in an industrial compound in Valenzuela City. She highlights the objects we are familiar with through her involvement with painting, sculpture and installation. She repurpose their use and place them in a different setting, thereby changing its meaning and context. She experiments with different materials such as resin, plastic cups, reject/excess plastic materials from their factory, candles and tea. Often playing with different aspects of what everyday items can create as an art medium. With it she challenges the audience's perception of what these objects are capable of other than being commodity goods. Through her experimentation of materials, she highlights the materials form and history giving rise to the issue of production, consumerism, and capitalism.
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Valenzuela City, Philippines
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