Amrita Tandon

Amrita Tandon is a contemporary artist, currently based in Hong Kong. Her art is greatly influenced by her nomadic life. In her formative years she lived across the length and breadth of India, a sub-continent of extreme diversity of landscape, people, culture and language. Later she lived in vibrant cities like Tokyo, Dublin, Mumbai, Sydney, Singapore and now Hong Kong, each having contributed to expanding her creative horizon. Armed with an attention to detail, creative exposure and exacting standards garnered from a career in advertising, she turned her skills to painting full time around 8 years ago. Her paintings amalgamate memories and musings. She constantly jots down or photographs things that pique her interest. Phrases read, snatches of a song, cadence of rain, scents and sensations, may become the jumping off point for a painting or be filed away to be revisited at a later date. What she portrays and the palette she uses are a window into her mind. Through exploring different facets of nature and man, she chooses to perceive and thus to convey the elation and glory of existence, from the mighty to the mundane. She wants her paintings to be about the pleasure of seeing and finding a place and moment of quietude and connection. The artist is currently exploring what she calls ‘Personal Geographies’- delving into memories, places, moods and experiences that mark her continuing journey and she uses abstraction as a way of portraying this introspection. Exhibitions: ‘Colours of Humanity’ Art Prize, Justice Centre Hong Hong 2022 (Winner Community Artist Award) ‘Light of Love’ Exhibition, AI Gallery, Hong Kong 2022 Metaverse Biennale 2022 Artist of the Month- AWA Hong Kong 2021 Hong Kong Human Rights Art Prize- 2021 (Finalist) Luxembourg International Contemporary Art Fair- 2020(Luxembourg) Artscape Singapore- 2017(School of the Arts, Singapore) Mumbai Art by Artists- 2017(Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai) Mumbai Art by Artists- 2015(Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai) Mumbai Art by Artists- 2014(Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai) Her artworks are held in private collections in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, UK and USA. Her paintings appear in various art and literary publications: Analogies and Allegories, Otolith, Chasing Shadows, Club Plum, Authora Australis.
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