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The hunter with the rifle rode his horse into the river and sat down. He was waiting for the deer to come to the other side. The water was cold and the horse was getting tired. The hunter knew he had to be patient. He waited for hours, but the deer never came. The hunter got up and rode his horse back to the other side of the river. This piece illustrates Philip’s expression early in his art career of using vibrant colours and the use of animal friends to describe his observations. This picture shows how human beings often seek challenges in different areas (whether it is a sport or in business), and we often will equip ourselves and dress in the best. This is in contrast to the unassuming support that our animal friends can offer. Human beings often take it for granted in many situations that certain someone will always be there to support us in our quest for success. Publication HK Art School Alumni
Painting / Oil on Canvas
Current Location
Hong Kong
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213cm (W) x 198cm (H)
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Mint Condition, Mounted
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