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Child Like Series
This is my statement as a new father, learning and observing the poetic and spiritual side of the connection with the mother figure as a tribute and testimony of the sweetest expression of love. This series with an altar cathedral like design bathed in golden colors and grey sculpture paintings, use the technique of a trompe l'oeuille style pretending to contain a painting inside of an sculpture mold, with topics about divine moments of early childhood and childhood inspired in my son.
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30cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Frame Size:
Frame: 39cm (W) x 69cm (H)
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The painting is New New frame Oiled out with liquid Not yet varnished
Andres Silva
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Andres is an Ecuadorian Painter based in Hong Kong graduated as a Visual Artist in the Pontifical Catholic University mentored by renowned artists like local artist Harvey Chan and Argentinian painter Ricardo Celma. His paintings have a clear mix of portraits and brush expressive story telling in big murals and canvas. He has painted in different countries in Asia and South America and worked for brands like the Jr NBA. Andres has years of experience in Hong Kong instructing painting and drawing. Currently he is the founder of Andres Silva Art Studio focused in Art mentorship and the study of academical and non academical painting and drawing.
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Andres Silva
Room B, 7F, Tung Sing House, N18 Lok Ku road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
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495 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok
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