Peter Ng

Peter Ng is the founder of BrushMagic and BrushMagic Kids Foundation. An avid scholar of Chinese calligraphy, folk dancing, music, martial arts, painting, and calligraphy, Peter developed his passion for drawing and painting as a young child in Hong Kong. Despite lacking resources, he completed his first childhood art portfolio on toilet papers. During his stay in Hong Kong, he and his family survived by painting thousands of miniature toy soldiers. When Peter immigrated to the US at 10 years old, he dedicated hours drawing and painting comic book superheroes. As a middle school immigrant, he won numerous art contests and was awarded the Boston Globe Gold Key for his art works. Peter’s life passion has always been to celebrate his culture through preserving the art of modern Chinese calligraphy. He aims to perfect the art of Chinese calligraphy by incorporating distinctive brush strokes to mirror the fluid agilities of the sword. Peter enjoy working with medium in Chinese ink painting, watercolor, acrylic, oil, mixed media and his brand “East meets West”. Peter’s life time goal is to give back to his great American homeland. He dedicates his artwork to invest in the future of American youth. Proceeds from the sale of his artwork is reinvested in youths and children around the world as scholarships for STEM studies and for academic pursuits in the Arts and Humanities.
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Peter Ng
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Peter Ng
United States