Sindy Yeung

Sindy is a self-taught artist from Hong Kong. She has loved art since childhood but was educated in traditional way and never thought she would be able to create her own art. As Sindy grew up, she gradually put aside painting. Awakening In 2019, Sindy resigned from her project management job to rethink about life. She felt so lost until she picked up the paintbrush again. This time, Sindy does not follow any rules but her intuition to paint and create. She expresses her frustration and confusion through art, and realizes the faith and hope inside herself during the process, thereby re-visiting her soul with new insights. Art Style Sindy’s arts lean towards abstract, but also come with pop art and surrealism elements. Instead of depicting an “object”, Sindy aims to present a vibe or share a part of herself – her belief, value, attitude, question, emotion or a glimpse of her imaginary world. Sindy does not want to define or limit her art to any particular technique or theme, but the subject is always something dear to her heart. Sindy’s recent artworks are mainly about i) her self-searching journey, and the ups and downs and struggles therein; ii) environmental issues and iii) Hong Kong, which has undergone tremendous political and social changes since 2019.
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Sindy Yeung
Sai Kung
New Territories
Hong Kong


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Sindy Yeung
Hong Kong