Reprint of "Hello, World!" (Medium 33 x 33cm (plus a 2cm border on each side) - 1/30)

“My Wonderland” series is a glimpse of Sindy’s imaginary world , and herself in it. The world is vibrant and dreamy , yet full of unknowns and sometimes difficult, which makes it fascinating. It is whimsical yet echoing what happens within us and around us — our self-identify, aspiration , the city and society we live in, the Earth and humankind etc. Sindy invites you to visit her inner world and shares with you how she, as an individual, encounters these issues. At the same time, you may revisit your inner world and the child within also. “Hello, World!” Is the first piece of the series. It illustrates Sindy’s life attitude— the world is chaotic, but she keeps moving on, exploring and singing. Limited editions reprints (Total reprints 60, including 30 reprints of 33cm x 33cm and 30 reprints of 26cm x26cm).
Artwork Reprint
Original Artwork
Reprint Edition
Archival grade reprint on acid-free premium fine art smooth paper 310 gsm (Original: acrylic on canvas)
Reprint Number
1 / 30
Represented by
33cm (W) x 33cm (H)

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