Mad Epoch

Mad Epoch is a visual storyteller based in Hong Kong. After graduating from the Bartlett School of Architecture, he quickly realized that traditional architecture practice did not provide him with a canvas large enough for his creative delusions. Heartbroken by the ever-present constraints of architecture, such as gravity, stubborn materials, and overly logical construction processes, he found his escape in art, where he could create worlds and stories that can only exist in the fictional world, where things do not need a reasonable explanation. Mad Epoch's work often explores playful ways of storytelling and new ways of seeing things. As a result of returning to Hong Kong and navigating through an unfamiliar and disorienting place that he once called home, his work dives into themes of displacement in space, in time and in love. He is very interested in less explored forms of visual expression, drawing inspiration from both the digital and physical worlds. He loves experimenting with spatiality, abstraction, and the boundaries of the digital medium, constantly exploring how ephemerality can be experienced through his work.
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