Dickie Suzuki

Having resided in Hong Kong since the early 90s as a professional Creative Director, Dickie possesses a deep understanding of the city's intricate dynamics. This knowledge has given him the ability to decipher the traditional aspects of Hong Kong's culture, specifically highlighting them and showcasing their beauty. During the Covid pandemic of 2020, while seeking to keep his creative eye honed during downtime, Dickie picked up a photography camera. This fuelled his wanderlust and allowed him to explore many undiscovered spots, fortifying his love affair with the city that he calls home. Dickie revels in Hong Kong's romanticised cinematic beauty, capturing the gritty side of its streets. His focus is on attempting to capture a utopian bygone past, framing subjects that seem ambiguous in time and place. He rejoices in the vibrant colour palettes of visually stunning neighbourhoods, revealing the rich storytelling and cultural heritage found when one digs deep into the zeitgeist of Hong Kong.
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Independent Artist
Dickie Suzuki
Pat Heung, Yuen Long
New Territories
Hong Kong


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Dickie Suzuki
Hong Kong